The Laboratory for Automation and Control (LAM) is located at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology at the University of Zagreb.
The laboratory comprises a number of unit operations and individual exercises, all connected to a modern system for data acquisition and process control.
The aim is to teach basic and advanced concepts of process measurement, dynamics, optimization and control.

Laboratory set-ups:

  • Sensors, transmitters and transducers (M-10)
  • Process dynamics analysis (D-10)
  • Heat transfer modelling and control (D-20)
  • Liquid flow measurement (F-10)
  • Gas flow measurement (F-20)
  • Temperature measurement (T-10)
  • Infrared thermography and diagnostics (T-20)
  • Heat flux measurement (H-10)
  • Pressure measurement (P-10)
  • Level measurement (L-10)
  • pH and conductivity measurement
  • Control loop tuning and optimization (C-10)
  • Cascade CSTR control using industrial controller (C-20)
  • Tubular heat exchanger control using industrial controller (C-30)
  • Batch reactor control (C-40)
  • Batch distillation control (C-50)



IMG 9165 IMG 9174 v2 IMG 9209 v2
IMG 9178 IMG 9179 IMG 9182
IMG 9204  IMG 9205  IMG 9223 
IMG 9153 IMG 9157 IMG 9160
IMG 9161 IMG 9196 v2 IMG 9201 v2
 CrystAPC CrystalScan LAM2 Temperature LAM1 BLaze Raman

LAM2 Level 

LAM2 Cabinet 

LAM2 Distillation 
LAM1 Batch reactors LAM1 Crystallization LAM1 CrystAPC
LAM1 Windows LAM2 Pressure1 LAM2 Pressure
LAM2 Manometer    
LAM1 Level control LAM1 CSTR