Optimisation project at INA Rijeka Refinery

We have just initiated large-scale project with the aim to provide monitoring, analysis and tuning of more than 350 control loops at the Rijeka Refinery process units.
Control loop audit will include diagnostics of the field instrumentation and control valves, define sources of variability and oscillation, and poor control loop performance.
The analysis will be foundation for control loops optimization which will result with decreased number of control loops in manual mode, reduced variability of controlled variables and more stable operation.
Additionally, the implementation of the advanced software package will provide a possibility to perform controller tuning education and on-site optimisation.
It is expected after project completion increased productivity, decreased equipment failures and prolonged service time, as well as increased process safety. All mentioned is a good base for advanced process control real application.

Published: 10.01.2016
Laboratory batch reactor automatization in PLIVA (TEVA) R&D

The project of laboratory batch reactor automatization and optimisation was carried out during 2015 at the PLIVA R&D department. The aim of the project was to design modern process control system for easy, safe and flexible experimentation.
Developed batch process control system will enable safe and efficient process control, accurate and repeatable experimentation as well as continuous data acquisition for later analysis of experimental results.

More details (pdf)

Published: 10.01.2016