Training courses outline

The training courses cover the essence of process control and provide a number of examples from real applications. The emphasis is on practical application with minimal use of control theory.
The training courses teach in a comprehensive way the basic and advanced principles of process measurement, diagnostics, modelling, control and optimization. The aim is to demonstrate that process measurement and control is an essential engineering skill for optimal process performance.


The purpose of training courses

The purpose of the training courses is to learn the basic and advanced principles of process measurements, diagnostics, control and optimisation in a comprehensive way. The objective is to demonstrate that process measurements and control is essential engineering skill for optimal process performance.


APC-1 Automatic process control 2 or 3 days Engineers
Production managers
APC-2 Advanced process control 2 days Process engineers
Control engineers
Production managers
APC-3 Process diagnostics & optimization 1 or 2 days Engineers
Production managers
APC-4 Process measurements 2 days


APC-5 Batch process control and optimization 2 days Engineers
APC-6 Modelling & process simulation 2 days

Production managers

Training Course Brochure (EN); Training Course Brochure (HR)




Training courses are of importance to those who are directly involved in process operation, but also to management, as well as those who are responsible for the process and equipment maintenance and safe operation.
During training simple but powerful real process interactive simulator is used to practise the skills and to test acquired knowledge.
Presented topics are directed and adapted for the process industry: chemical plants, petrochemical plants, refining, pharmaceuticals (batch and continuous), cement plants, polymer plants, power plants, air separation plants, cryogenic plants, gas plants, LPG/LNG plants, styrene plants, olefins plants, pulp and paper plants, compressor controls, turbine controls, and other processes.


Attendand benefits

Upon course completion participants will be familiar with and understand all key elements related to the basic and advanced process control operation, design and application.
Plant engineers will learn how to identify process dynamics on the basis of simple process tests and how to improve the performance of the processes.
Those who are not directly involved in the process control implementation will be conscious of the importance of process control design and its crucial impact on the process safety and profitability.


Info and registration

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