Scientific research projects


Projects & references

  • Flow chemistry control system design, Pliva/Teva TAPI R&D
  • Process analytical technology (PAT) for crystallization process, Pliva/Teva TAPI R&D
  • Control loop optimization, INA Rijeka Refinery
  • Heat exchanger predictive diagnostics, INA Rijeka Refinery
  • Determination of the foaming tendency of diesel fuels, INA Central Testing Laboratory
  • Optimization of bioprocess control system, Hospira/Pfizer
  • Modernization and automation of photo-bioreactors, RUĐER BOŠKOVIĆ INSTITUTE
  • Automation of industrial humidification unit, ERIOCHEM S.A.
  • Improvement of loop performance for process areas at INA/MOL OIL RAFINERY RIJEKA
  • Control loop optimization of industrial batch reactors, PLIVA/TEVA
  • Control loop optimization of heavy naphtha stripper, INA/MOL OIL REFINERY SISAK
  • Design and optimization of rehumidification process, XELLIA FDF R&D
  • Batch reactor automation and optimization, PLIVA/TEVA R&D
  • Solvent regeneration process development, PLIVA/TEVA
  • Process control optimisation of CO compression, methane and cryogenic separation plants, SIPCHEM
  • Process control optimization of turbine and reboiler, SOUTHERN COMPANY
  • Laboratory process control optimization and adaptive control application,
  • Pipeline control optimization, OCP-EC
  • Optimization of ball mill control, CALUCEM
  • Optimization of furnace inlet stream control, CEMEX
  • Control loop optimization on FCC plant, INA/MOL OIL REFINERY RIJEKA
  • Process control optimization, SALALAH METAHNOL
  • Soft sensor model development for refinery production, INA/MOL
  • Sulfonating plant process control and optimization, KUTRILIN
  • Acid and alkaline gases absorption control design at the NPK-1 plant, PETROKEMIJA
  • Modification and automation of the hydrodesulphurisation apparatus, INA/MOL R&D
  • Revamping of high pressure equipment for hydrotreatment process, INA/MOL R&D
  • New reactor lines and waste gas treatment system at the facility NPK fertilizer, PETROKEMIJA


Academic cooperation

  • Erasmus+, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
  • Erasmus, Lifelong learning programme, higher education,
    Technical University of Gabrovo
  • Green Energy – Cooperation of the higher education sector for development of green economy in the areas of energetics, University of Pannonia, Veszprem
  • CEEPUS CIII-CZ-0404-00-1112 Cybernetics and Modern Methods of Control
  • CEEPUS CII-CZ-0031-01 International Study on Automatic Control
  • CEEPUS CZ-0103 Control Theory and Applications