IR Thermography

Infrared thermography

What is infrared thermography?

Infrared thermography is a non contact method of measuring temperature. It is based on measuring the intensity of infrared radiation. Result of thermographic measurement is a thermogram giving the temperature distribution on the surface of the observed object. It gives us information about surface condition and consequence of internal object condition.

How does thermographic system operate?

Electronically created images in thermocamera provide information on thermal condition of an object. Thus, the resulting images can be analyzed using dedicated software.

Why apply IR thermography?

By using infrared thermography it is possible to:

  • detect heat losses in process plants and buildings;
  • detect faults on power lines and connections and mechanical parts;
  • locate leaks on hot water and steam line installations;
  • preventive maintenance and quality control



Fields of application

Infrared thermography has found its place in the industry for preventive maintenance and quality control. In particular, the large area of application are buildings and energy efficiency. The wide application of thermography in scientific research is heat conduction, fluid mechanics, non-destructive testing, veterinary medicine, even protection of cultural heritage. As part of fire protection thermographic systems are used for detection of latent fire, finding a person in the facility affected by the fire. Infrared thermography is used to monitor buildings and spaces, traffic and pollution.

  • Process industry and plants
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Energy and electrical installation
  • Building
  • Medical and veterinary
  • Special purpose



Our thermographic diagnostics service

Measurements carried out by international certified personal and equipment for IR thermography (ITC Level II)!
Certification of the Croatian Association for Infrared Thermography to work on technical standards and rules of the profession!
More information and prices are available on request.

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