Process diagnostics

Our approach

Our approach allude design and development of simple and cost-effective solutions, which can be directly applied in the plant control system. We avoid black-box approach and complex tools, which require constant maintenance and external expert servicing.


Monitoring, diagnostics & process control optimization

Monitoring, diagnosis and optimization of process control systems play a key role in ensuring optimal industrial process performance.
Based on detailed process analysis and generated reports each control loop problem can be clearly identified, and the control loop and overall process performance can be improved.


Our process optimization services

  • Process and plant performance analysis
  • Process and system model identification
  • Quality control and performance monitoring
  • Control loop simulation and optimization
  • On-line oscillation detection and adaptive control
  • Real-time process optimization



Controller tuning

We can tune PID controllers and control loops even remotely. Just send us an e-mail with your data (PV, OP and SP) in XLS/CSV/ASCII text format and, if possible, a DCS screenshot. We will optimize your PID controller performance in accordance with process requirements.

For more details, send us an email.

With the application of a unique algorithm, we achieve good results even with closed-loop and/or multivariable process data. The revolutionary system identification algorithm can work with shorter data sets. The algorithm does not need data normalization; it is not affected by noise and can work well even in the presence of significant unmeasured disturbances.